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Hi, I am James I Feel God Brown

I am a ...
& Developer


Win the Lost, Encourage the Saved, Generate Finances for Kingdom and Family

My call and mission is helping Churches, Pastors, Ministers, Church leaders, and entrepreneurs how to excel at internet ministry and internet business.

My Function and promise

My Function

Although I market products for both myself and others, my primary function is as a mentor and coach. I teach people how to get it done.

    How To Reach People With A Message
    How To Identify A Mission or Market
    How To Grow Their Church or Ministry
    How To Build A Brand or A Business
    How To Add Income And Change Lives

Reaching ANY or ALL of these objectives requires using innovative strategies and effective tools. In most cases you can assume I or my team will receive
a commission when you purchase a product we review or recommend.

Nonetheless, we work with integrity toward those, like you, who have placed their confidence in us. I am first and foremost a Christian minister of the Gospel. I intend to do you good!

My Promise

I have written a list of 7 promises that I intend to keep on your behalf. Online, trust is all we have to rely on.

My Promise To You

  1. I Will Not Send You To Products I Do NOT Personally Use.
  2. I Will Not Take Your Money Just To Profit Myself
  3. I Will ALWAYS Give You More Value For My Products Than What I Charge
  4. I Will Screen You Away From Those ‘Gurus’ Who Are Ravenous Wolves
  5. I Will Treat You and Your Family With Godly Love And Respect
  6. I Will Give You Information That Has Worked For Me or that I Believe Will Work You
  7. I Will Pray For Wisdom To Guide And Give You Effective Counsel

What I Cannot Promise

  • I Cannot Promise Anyone Will Respond To Your Efforts
  • I Cannot Promise You Will Be A Millionaire
  • I Cannot Promise You Will Make Any Money At All
  • I Cannot Promise You Will Like My Methods
  • I Cannot Promise You Will Like How I Talk To You
  • I Cannot Promise You Will Like Me
  • I Cannot Promise You Will Eventually Be Happy    


In Him,
JMb <><

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My Skillset

Web development

From start to finish, a beautiful website.

Mobile Applications

Experience in mobile application development.

Code Review

Expert advise for consistent and secure code.

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