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Knowing & Understanding Your Spiritual Gifts 6 Week Course

EVERYTHING! Knowing & Understanding Your Spiritual Gifts 6 Week Comprehensive Course  with rights to teach & sell!

Knowing & Understanding Your Spiritual Gifts
6 Week Comprehensive Course

Hello and welcome to the world of Spiritual PLR!

Ready to Grab Quality Inspired Content for a Hungry Untapped Niche?

Much to your surprise, thousands of people jump on google every single day searching for content related to the spiritual niche.

For example, they want to know things like:

  • What is a Spiritual Gift?
  • How many spiritual gifts are there?
  • What’s the purpose of spiritual gifts?
  • Where do spiritual gifts come from?
  • Do I have spiritual gifts?
  • How are spiritual gifts used?

The awesome thing about these questions is now you can provide the answers!

This is not just a “read it” course. You can’t learn unless you apply what you have read. That’s why in this package, each week there is an assignment that will take you step by step through understanding and applying the suggestions.

Study Course

Course: Knowing and Understanding Your Spiritual Gifts

Week 1: What are Spiritual Gifts? – (7 pages, 1,342 words)

  • What are the Spiritual Gifts
  • Why the gifts need to be developed
  • The Spiritual and Physical Elements of the Gifts
  • Why the gifts are a matter of individual stewardship

Week 2: Assessment of Gifts – (8 pages, 1,164 words)

  • What a talent is
  • What a skill is, and
  • How they differ from gifts.

Week 3: Know Your Gifts – Discover Your Calling – (8 pages, 1,087 words)

  • Why do I need to discover my Spiritual Gifts?
  • How do I discover my Spiritual Gift?
  • What should I do once I know my Gift(s)?
  • Facts about Spiritual Gifts

Week 4: Personality, Passion & Purpose – (8 pages, 1,173 words)

  • What does your personality type say about you?
  • How does your personality type tie in with your spiritual gifts?
  • What does your personality tell you about where you may need to use your gifts?
  • Identify Your Skill Strengths
  • How do your skills and talents tell you how you might use your gift?

Week 5: The Mission, The Vision & The Plan – (13 pages, 3,253 words)

  • What is the plan?
  • What is the vision?
  • What is your mission?

Week 6: Where Do You Go From Here? – (10 pages, 1,851 words)

  • What was the most beneficial part of this study?
  • Are you comfortable with where you are now that this study is over?
  • How can you apply what you learned about Spiritual Gifts to your business?
  • How can you apply what you learned about Spiritual Gifts to your home life?

In addition to the course you’ll receive:

  • The Four Personality Types from the Personality Plus book (1 page)
  • Personality Test Worksheet (5 pages)

This is a huge untapped niche! And all of this PLR consists of 54 pages and 9,872 words.

Here’s to providing you with Quality Inspired PLR!

LaTara Bussey and Regina Baker

Study Course

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My 7 Viewpoints On Terrorism, The Middle East, and Africa

My 7 Viewpoints On Terrorism, The Middle East, and Africa

My 7 Viewpoints On Terrorism, The Middle East, and Africa

After watching Frontline on last night and seeing the various situations we face in the world, there are several thoughts that come directly to my mind…

1. No matter how many bombs, guns, or military personnel we ship to the gulf, it will not make us safer or stop Islamic terrorism.

2. If we fail to develop alternative energy sources, other than fossil fuels, we will be forever tied to the conflicts of the Middle East until they completely consume us.

3. In the Islamic world, not only do they hate the United States and western culture but they also hate each other.

4. Our support of dictators and despots in their world has caused many of the power vacuums and planted the seeds of hatred in the minds of their people by corrupting our credibility. We can see these issues in retrospect going back to the Shah and beyond.

5. Because of many of the power vacuums that exist in Africa, the African continent has become the next breeding ground for the type of disorganization and violence we find in the gulf area.

6. In my mind the nuclear agreement with Iran makes the best of a bad situation. At best we can prolong that nationstate from developing nuclear weapons only for a time. Short of dropping a nuclear device on them (unthinkable ramifications), we cannot stop them militarily nor will sanctions force their capitulation to our will.

7. We as a nation have no idea of the currency that the islamists value. As a result, we have tried,and continue to try, and influence them with the currency we value, which is money and resources. That by definition is a strategy for failure and will never lead to long-term stability for them or us.

What do you think???

In Him,
JMb <><