What Will You Have To Say?

What Is Your Answer?

Romans 14:12Romans 14:12
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12 So then each one of us will give account of himself to God.

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And so each of us shall give an account of himself give an answer in reference to judgment to God.

Like it or not there’s a day coming when each of us will need to have an answer and we won’t be able to skip over the question.

We wont be able to say we are to shy to answer. Our good looks will not allow us to evade the question, as if it were a speeding ticket we were getting out of,

No, we will each need our own essay question answer for our own lives. Continue reading

Judging or Accountability In The Church

Judging or Accountability In The Church

Judging Or Accountability

Yes or No?

Should Christians hold each other accountable to living in truth and righteousness and holiness?

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Is that judging?

What did Christ say?

Are there other scriptures that tell us to judge?


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The 3 Things I Did To Start Writing Again

The 3 Things I Did To Start Writing Again

For the first time in a long time. I started writing again today. I’m very excited because it’s something I haven’t been able to do.
I could give you 1 million reasons why I had not been writing. But the truth of the matter is that most of them would be excuses.
I finally got myself organized and began letting the thoughts roll out of my mouth as I dictated my material.
Yes, for me writing is a bit unconventional. I rarely type when I’m writing I usually dictate all of my ideas as I sit in my chair and close my eyes.
I still have not developed the habit of using my tablet to accomplish anything significant, when I’m writing. But I’m sure that will change as I’m able to spend more time getting used to the technology.
It was strange how

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Is She Dying? — Nah she’s just a LITTLE SICK!

Is She Dying? — Nah she's just a LITTLE SICK!
Hi Saints,
There has been something falling from the clouds
here in N. Texas today. Somebody said its called
Such a strange site….
Nonetheless, I just got an email from Liz Tomey and 
she's been pretty sick. Truth is Liz admitted she's a 
total weeny! :)
Liz Tomey
While she is very sick she's not dying like she thinks she is…
However because of this you have another chance to get her latest
coaching program for just pennies!
This offer was supposed to go up in price BIG TIME tonight at
midnight but due to Liz being so sick she's extending it another
week since she really didn't have the change to get the word out.

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