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It seems like everyone is watching videos on YouTube these days.
Churches, businesses, consumers, investors, talent agents, and even programmers for the major TV networks spend time every day on YouTube looking for something interesting to watch or share with their social network.

If you’re posting videos on YouTube, this is good news. Especially if you’ve monetized your YouTube account as I suggested in a other┬áposts.

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My 7 Viewpoints On Terrorism, The Middle East, and Africa

My 7 Viewpoints On Terrorism, The Middle East, and Africa

My 7 Viewpoints On Terrorism, The Middle East, and Africa

After watching Frontline on last night and seeing the various situations we face in the world, there are several thoughts that come directly to my mind…

1. No matter how many bombs, guns, or military personnel we ship to the gulf, it will not make us safer or stop Islamic terrorism.

2. If we fail to develop alternative energy sources, other than fossil fuels, we will be forever tied to the conflicts of the Middle East until they completely consume us.

3. In the Islamic world, not only do they hate the United States and western culture but they also hate each other.

4. Our support of dictators and despots in their world has caused many of the power vacuums and planted the seeds of hatred in the minds of their people by corrupting our credibility. We can see these issues in retrospect going back to the Shah and beyond.

5. Because of many of the power vacuums that exist in Africa, the African continent has become the next breeding ground for the type of disorganization and violence we find in the gulf area.

6. In my mind the nuclear agreement with Iran makes the best of a bad situation. At best we can prolong that nationstate from developing nuclear weapons only for a time. Short of dropping a nuclear device on them (unthinkable ramifications), we cannot stop them militarily nor will sanctions force their capitulation to our will.

7. We as a nation have no idea of the currency that the islamists value. As a result, we have tried,and continue to try, and influence them with the currency we value, which is money and resources. That by definition is a strategy for failure and will never lead to long-term stability for them or us.

What do you think???

In Him,
JMb <><

Looking for your angel

Look for your angel!

Shirley Miller, of Pittsburgh had received a phone call from her brother in Phoenix, the kind of call that everyone dreads. “Our ninety-six year old mother was in the hospital dying,” Shirley says, “and of course my brother told me to grab the next flight out.” Time was of the essence.

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