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How To Hear The Voice Of God

How To Hear The Voice Of God

How To Hear The Voice Of God

Many very good people have asked the following questions:

• Does God give direction to people today?
• Does God care if we know what we think he wants us to do?
• Why is it so hard to find out what God wants from me?
• Does God sound like Charleston Heston?
• What is the most sure way to hear God’s voice?
• What does God value most. His word. Or his name?
• Is there a family member that is critical for knowing God’s will for a persons life?
• If we hear a voice, how do you know it’s not the devil?
• Has God made the gifts of the spirit stop?
• Can God use our circumstances to speak to us?

All of these are questions that many many people are asking

Get answers that will lead to God’s peace, provision, and power surrounding
your life.

Hearing The Voice of God takes you step by step into understanding how God communicates with men and women TODAY. There are 8 ways the Bible teaches and this book goes through each.

Don’t miss this information it can change your life FOREVER

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