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Iinternet Ministry: 8 Free Tools You Can Use For Ministry

I just read "10 Free Business Tools Too Valuable To Ignore" By Ken
Kaufman Founder CEO, CFOwise®, on the American Express's website. It was a great article!

The article was so good, I thought you could also use most of the
tools for ministry as well. So, I made some additions, subtractions, and
alterations and here is a version just for your ministry.

Ministry leaders and administrators love to save money, but at some
point we’ve all learned the hard way that “you get what you pay for."
Truth is by the time you mess with most "free" products you have
wasted ALOT of valuable time and effort that in the long run costs you
MONEY! We’ve also become wary of watered-down products that don’t add
value unless we sign up for the paid version.

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