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Christian Living: The Big Picture Of Success

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"Success cannot be measured in wealth, fame or power, but by whether you have made a positive difference for others." – Richard Bransom

In Romans 1:14 Paul told us that he was obligated, eager and unashamed. Becuase of our obligation to others, in christian living, we must be forthright and committed to provide EXTREME VALUE to the lives of others.

It is our OBLIGATION, It is our responsibility as believers to tackle the issues our society faces, from climate change to poverty. In order to do this we must expand our thinking and extend our reach.

To be a REAL success you must think BIG. You may need to generate IMMENSE income to support evangelism outreaches and other believers at home and abroad that is how Christians Live. 

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Christian Living: Gifts For The Christian Geek In Your Life

Gifts For The Christian Geek In Your Life

Saved or not saved, geeks even Christian geeks tend to like many of the same toys and mind occupiers. So, here are a few that our panel of Geeky believers thought would raise the roof for the Christian Geeks and Geekettes in your home, family, and church.

The panel even found something for THEIR BREATH AND THEIR PET's BREATH. What a geek panel

If you think of anymore list them in the comments


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