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Christian Living: The Big Picture Of Success

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"Success cannot be measured in wealth, fame or power, but by whether you have made a positive difference for others." – Richard Bransom

In Romans 1:14 Paul told us that he was obligated, eager and unashamed. Becuase of our obligation to others, in christian living, we must be forthright and committed to provide EXTREME VALUE to the lives of others.

It is our OBLIGATION, It is our responsibility as believers to tackle the issues our society faces, from climate change to poverty. In order to do this we must expand our thinking and extend our reach.

To be a REAL success you must think BIG. You may need to generate IMMENSE income to support evangelism outreaches and other believers at home and abroad that is how Christians Live. 

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Christian Living: 10 Promises Every Christian Should Keep

I came across this from "Walking In Truth Ministry"  and it was so good that I did not want you to miss it. I looked to see if it was on their website & I could not find it so here it is in its entirety.

10 Promises Every Christian Should Keep

There are 10 "I will's" that are found in Psalm 119 which every Christian should recite before the Lord on a daily basis.

The Psalmist was resolved to do certain things in his walk with Jesus. See if you are doing the same.

Psalm 119:7 says – "I will praise Thee with uprightness of heart…"

The Psalmist was determined to praise the Lord in the most sincere manner and affectionate way. He was sensible of the great favors which he received from Him and the great obligations which ensued. The more he learned of God's character, the more he desired to praise Him.

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Christian Living: Should An Opposite Sex Christian Single Couple Be Ministry and Prayer Partners?


Recently I was asked about the propriety of a Christian single man and a Christian single woman being prayer partners and ministering together.

I had to admit that at one time, before marriage 23 years ago, my best friend hailed from my home area and was working on her MBA in Texas. Although, we were very close friends, nothing inappropriate ever happened.

Nonetheless, the results could have been much different. I don't think we realized until after I was married how much we really cared for each other.

The truth is that the anointing will make anyone more appealing. So even the anointing to pray can generate an attraction that can go over the limits. Remember, the devil would love nothing better than to contort something good into a disgrace within the body of Christ.

With that said, my answer to the young lady went like this: There are only 2 questions that have to be answered here.

The First is, What is the Spirit of God saying to you about this relationship? The Second is, does what you are hearing from God, conform to His Word? They must be in agreement.

Regardless, of how they may proceed, I thought the following guidelines used by Rick Warren's Saddleback Church were excellent. Even if they choose to proceed they will be well served by following the limits set by these boundries.

Avoiding sexual temptation in the church office

Every church pastor rubbing elbows with an attractive secretary, ministry leader, or vivacious volunteer needs to know they’re bouncing on a high diving board over a pool with no water in it.

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