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Grieving ? How a Pilgrimage Can Help You Heal

Editor's Note: The following is a report on the practical applications of Gary L. Crawford's new book, Grieving: My Pilgrimage of Love: Engaging Grief for Healing and Hope (Bridge-Logos, 2012).

Grieving My Pilgrimage of Love

Grief is an inevitable part of life in this fallen world where loved ones die and you must adjust to living without them. The pain of grief can be intense, but the hope that Jesus offers for healing is greater than the pain.

One way to invite Jesus to transform your life for the better through your grieving process is to embark on a pilgrimage of visiting places connected to your late loved one’s life. As you travel to those places, you can remember and honor the person you’re grieving while also encountering the Holy Spirit’s healing presence.

Here’s how taking a grief pilgrimage can help you experience hope and healing:

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