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Sermon Outlines


You Just Found 4264 Pentecostal Sermon Outlines That Can't Be Found On Google…

As a Pastor of a young work for over 6 years, I found it difficult at times to have well prepared messages 3 times a week. As you know, a Pastor's time is stretched. Especially if he/she works a job outside of their Church. At times, new ideas and thoughts are hard to develop as our minds are often full of the cares of the church." — Rev. James Smith

How often have you found yourself in a position of need when it came to preparing a sermon outline or bible study?


  • Pressures of daily life and the demands of ministry often do not allow a minister the time needed to prepare an effective message. Our congregations deserve our best! Let's give it to them!
  • Allow another Pentecostal Man/Woman of God to share with you their own thoughts on a particular subject.
  • Get the help you need in preparing that dynamic message of Hope and Strength for your church and ministry.

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