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Host: Tim and Tanner

Forget the traditional "Old World" method of spending weeks or months writing a book from scratch.

In Today's fast paced world the key to success (and a big income) is speed of implementation.

And thats what this private online workshop is all about…You're going to learn a warp speed method for cranking out multiple profitable and print ready books FAST!

Some of the workshop topics include:

-How To Write 3 or 4 Books In The Time It Usually Takes To Write 1!

-A Sneaky Method To Ensure You Never Run Out Of Book Topics!

-My Easy To Follow, Systematic Process Breakdown – (Do this, then do that, never get lost)

-How To Create A Simple 60+page Report with less that 500 words of content that sells like hotcakes!

-How to make your customers buy all of your books, even if they never read any of them.

-And thats just the tip of the iceberg of what you'll learn…

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