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September 2013

Black Friday Bootcamp – Want to do something PROFITABLE this weekend?

Hi Saints

Bishop I Feel God Here ….
I Just received this from Ryan and wanted you
 to know!
Want to do something PROFITABLE this weekend?
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At the end of this long weekend, if you've followed 
this FREE plan, you'll have your first Kindle book 
outlined and maybe even DONE and ready for 
Here is the FREE workbook: 
You'll get 3 more emails this weekend, each with 
1-2 minute videos that walk you through the 
process, so be on the lookout.  

How The President Does Email – You Can Too

Hey Everyone,

Bishop Brown here again ….

Can you promote your ministry, expertise, and brand with just three simple (but lucrative) webpages?

And how does President Barack Obama do email marketing? (You should definitely borrow this!).

The answers in this video might surprise you:

Inline image 2

This is a VERY revealing video about Brendon Burchard's results and online marketing approach. Learn how the President does email marketing.

Read More »How The President Does Email – You Can Too

[Christian Leadership] Is the Church prepared for the next move of God?

I saw this article by Mike Holmes on Dr Amos Johnsons site ( and wanted you to be sure and take a look.

In Him,
JMb <><

Is The Church Ready For The Next Move Of God

Is the Church prepared for the next move of God? by Mike Holmes

Before Ryan Ferrier went on to co-found and sell 3 companies to Microsoft and Zynga…he was jobless, broke, and teetering on the brink of hopelessness. Before he became an executive coach and consultant to the C-Suite of major companies he found himself cleaning toilets in a nursing home trying to make ends meet. And before he devoted himself to helping young people discover their purpose in life…he was a young man trying to find purpose in his life.

Ryan’s story may seem remarkable (and it is) but…he is simply a member of the new revolution.

A startup revolution.

Since President Obama launched the Startup America Partnership, a well-funded public/private initiative to encourage high-growth enterprises, a rising tide of activists, business associations, schools, nonprofits, investors and corporations are spawning startup contests and boot camps to support new businesses.

The ranks of the self-employed have been growing. According to research by Economic Modeling Specialists International, the number of people who primarily work on their own has swelled by 1.3 million since 2001 to 10.6 million, a 14% increase.

This “revolution” doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon.

Why? It’s simple:Read More »[Christian Leadership] Is the Church prepared for the next move of God?

Internet Business: Lives are about to be changed ….


Hi Child of God,

My good friend Dr. Jay Morris 
(really, I really do know him)
called and told me he was 
going to send me the email 
you are going to see below. 

Jay has NEVER sent me a bogus
deal and I TRUST HIM
Check it out

-JMb <><


Changed Lives

Dr Jay here again.

Lives are about to be changed!

For reasons you'll understand in just a 
second, this special-opportunity is 
*Time Sensitive!* 

If you are NOT making $2000/month or more, 
then you should:

  •  stop what you are doing…
  •  forget everything you think you know…
  •  forget everything any guru has ever told you…
  •  throw away almost every product you've ever purchased…
  •  and go here RIGHT THIS SECOND:


Read More »Internet Business: Lives are about to be changed ….

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