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I’m a happily married father of three wonderful Adult Children.

I attended Michigan State University (MSU)  majoring in urban and metropolitan studies. I became a father and started working for General Motors in Lansing Michigan. While at GM I began attending Lansing Computer Institute and General Motors Institute and immediately started working in the Information Technology industry as a Programmer and later Software Engineer.

I moved to Florida and began teaching at a small college in Orlando. I also began doing computer support at a Radio Shack computer center in the Orlando suburb of Altamonte Springs. As a result of my work for Radio Shack, I received an offer to come and join the computer customer services department at their national headquarters in Fort Worth TX. 

I quickly moved up in Tandy’s Management Structure for the next 5 years and held such positions as Language Support Group Manager, Programming Support Group Manager, Assistant Manager Computer Customer Services, National Accounts Support Manager. 

When Tandy formed a new Software Engineering Group I was promoted to Manager of Networking Assurance and later Director of Software Engineering Vendor Development.

I never thought I’d leave Tandy or software development, but I assumed my calling to ministry and became a full-time pastor for the next 20 years and only worked independently on a part-time basis until illness forced me to step down from full-time ministry. (However, I really don’t think you ever retire).

Because of my experience online I always maintained a web development and internet marketing business to generate additional income, above what ministry supplied.  

But the truth is that I’m a highly sought-after Author, Speaker, Information Publisher, Website Developer, Software Developer and Online Business Consultant as a profitable Internet Business Entrepreneur.

I work when I want, where I want, and for who I want… all I need is an internet connection and I’m in business.

I have the best job, ever!

Bishop James I Feel God Brown
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