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Streaming Church Services

Watch Church Services Online NOW!

Going to community worship at a gathering of fellow believers is a tradition of the church. We know it is an important part of being a believer. That said, it does not have to be done the way it was 2000 years ago. Streaming Online church Services and Online Church Podcasts provide messages and a sense of fellowship even when you cannot attend in person.
People have a lot of reasons for not attending church. People who travel, may not have access to a familiar church. Church-goers can be homebound due to employment, weather, illness or care-giving. Some families may not have churches that work with their dynamics; many churches do not provide child-care or children’s programs.

Sometimes people feel lazy and would rather stay under the covers than go to church. Whatever the reason, anyone can maintain a relationship with God by time shifting and location shifting their attendance attending an Internet church or downloading church podcasts.

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