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Learn About Increasing Your Online Presence in My 10 Week Internship.

Give me 10 hours per week for ten weeks and I’ll give you an online marketing education you can use to grow your own successful online business.

General qualifications…

  • * Must be 18 years or older
  • * Possess strong communication and writing skills
  • * Understanding of blogging
  • * Interest and knowledge of social media tools and platforms
  • * Comfortable with internet research
  • * Ready to learn and grow
  • * Creative, insightful and fun to work with
  • * Ready to be stretched

Each program is 10-weeks in length but interns can work more hours if they desire. This is a non-paid internship program, however you will learn and I will teach you how to create an online presence so that you cad reach your market with the right skills. I am very practical in my approach to business and it works. So I love to share what I have learned with others.


  • * Weekly Group Coaching Sessions
  • * Bi-Weekly one-on-one coaching session. If you are new to the online business world I will work with you to find the path that fits your style.
  • * Help you develop the areas of your business that may be weak
  • * Show you how to reach your marketing with simple communication tools
  • * Teach you the basics of WordPress and how to set up your first WordPress Blog
  • * Teach you how to write for the internet
  • * Help you discover which social media tools work best for you and how to use them for marketing and promoting
  • * Teach you how to use audio to help boost your business and reach your target market
  • * Teach you how to use video for your business
  • * Teach you how to create special reports, worksheets, and checklists and other content that you can sell, giveaway or use in any way you want
  • * How to create your first ezine or how to tweak the one you have
  • * Teach you the basics of Branding yourself online
  • * Access to my resources and knowledge of internet marketing


Training will consist of orientation, on-the-job training, conference call, and classroom/web-based training. We will meet weekly as a group for the weekly marketing session and bi-weekly in an one-on-one environment where we discuss your assignments and your marketing struggles.

The purpose of the Online Marketing Internship Program is two-fold. Interns will provide useful assistance for Simple Solutions Productions while also gaining hands-on training that will assist them with their future business goals. The program is designed to be a positive opportunity for all involved.

Your time is not sucked up by me and you get valuable help while you learn for only 10 hours per week. I normally charge for these types of learning opportunities, but I wanted to create an avenue that would be beneficial to all involved!

*Please note that the 10 hours per week includes your training!

While this internship program is designed to last 10 weeks, some find that they want to continue. If this is the case what I do is customize your internship once the 10 weeks is up. The longest an internship can last is 6 months.

Intern Opportunities

Blogger (2 positions open per session)

Duties Include:

  • * Post to blog 3 times per week
  • * Promote blog and new posts
  • * Develop relationship with other bloggers
  • * Be a part of the blog conversation
  • * Editing published blog posts
  • * Coming up with blog post ideas
  • * Take the time to read and learn more about blogging (resources provided)

Writing Assistant (2 positions open per session)

Duties Include:

  • * Researching a variety of topics
  • * Writing/editing newsletter
  • * Re-purposing content for blog posts, reports, articles, guest blogging, audio, video, etc.
  • * Transcription
  • * Create press releases
  • * Using article marketing
  • * Keyword Research

Social Media Intern (2 positions open per session)

Duties Include:

  • * Posting to social media platforms (text, video, and audio)
  • * Creating daily posts for Twitter and facebook
  • * RSS Building
  • * Reputation Management
  • * Social Media Overview (create a 30 minute presentation of a social media tool)
  • * Social Media Research (what is the target market using)
  • * Account Creation and Customization
  • * Competitive Analysis
  • * Encourage comment activity on blogs
  • * Great writing skills and ability to create engaging tweets, status updates, blog posts and comments
  • * Outgoing personality with a gift for gab

Virtual Assistant (1 Position)

  • * Working directly with Bishop on daily tasks and duties
  • * Checking emails (will be responsible for 2 to 4 email accounts)
  • * Keeping a calendar
  • * Sending reminders of scheduled activities
  • * Scheduling appointments
  • * Follow-up with clients
  • * Light transcription
  • * Assist with organizing webinars and teleseminars
  • * Helping Bishop maintain his writing schedule
  • *Virtual assistant must be familiar with the Gmail and Google applications, have typing skills, know how to transcribe, general irganization skills, and be detailed oriented. Knowledge of PowerPoint and Excel a huge plus!

Graphic Designer (2 positions open)

Duties Include:

  • * Works on logos and headers for sites
  • * Creates Product Designs (ie, reports, e-books, Cd jackets)
  • * Creating marketing graphics
  • *Graphic designer must have experience.

Internship Assistant (1 Position Available)

Duties Include

  • * Works directly with Bishop to keep the program organized
  • * Corresponds with interns about assignments, appointments, etc
  • * Works on intern manuals with Bishop


The next Internship starts November 7, 2011. Applications are now being accepted and each candidate will be interviewed prior to being chosen for  a spot in the Online Marketing Internship Program.

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