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If you are looking for a coach to work with you in the areas of Internet Ministry, Ministry Marketing, Church Growth, or Christian Leadership, I would love to be your coach!

Affectionately called “Bishop” by his clients, business associates and coaching colleagues, Bishop James I Feel God Brown is a experienced Master Coach and teacher.  Bishop Brown has leveraged more than 20 years of leadership, technology, and management experience and expertise to create a unique combination of Personal and Group Coaching and Training experiences for the mentee. He has lead hundreds of teleseminars, live workshops and small group training sessions over that time.

According to James, the basis for coaching is developing and maintaining lifelong client relationships.  He is a dynamic coach and engaging speaker. He loves coaching pastors, ministers, entrepreneurs and organizations on topics such as leadership, business operations, ministry and small business marketing, church growth, internet ministry, business systems, ministry and small business branding, as well as, Christian living

As a dedicated visionary facing the rapid change of today's business climate, Bishop I Feel God focuses much of his time and efforts creating and delivering ministry models and technological trends in order to take ministry into the future.

Internet Ministry coaching walks the mentee through the various steps required to develop and grow an effective online ministry. The objective is to develop ministry which will impact the world for the Kingdom and generate income from their online efforts.

As your coach, I work with you to identify God’s direction for your Internet Ministry. We will explore who you have been assigned to impact with online ministry. We will discover what strategies will be most effective  in allowing you to accomplish your goals.

Further, we will define and develop technological solutions which will allow you to be most effective. We will cover the individual steps required for you to both spread the gospel and earn a significant income online.  My job is to mentor you and show you how to be an effective minister of the Gospel, online.

We will work together via telephone, webinars, private and groups sessions on a weekly basis, to identify what God wants for you, finding your innermost values, goals, and passion, encouraging you to take action, and helping you achieve God’s vision of success.

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Internet Ministry
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Just $175/hr
Biblical Life coaching can help with all aspects of your life: Family, career, finances, relationships, living environment, health and spirituality! The objective is to explore areas of a persons life where there may be a Word or Faith deficit that is allowing the mentee to live beneath his privilege.

As your coach, I work with you to identify what God’s will is for your life. Sometimes, it may be right in front of you, but you miss it because of all the clutter in a spiritually anemic mind.

It is my goal to serve you in a supporting role. Not to be your boss, your mother, or to tell you "what you need to do". That is not my job. My job is too be a mentor and guide towards applying biblical principals and spiritual disciplines for living an abundant fulfilled existence.

We will work together via telephone, webinars, and email both in private and group sessions, each week, and partnering together we will work to identify what God wants for you, finding your innermost values and goals, encouraging you to take action, and helping you achieve God’s vision of success.

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Biblical Life
Coaching Session
Just $150/hr


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“Teach Me How” Consulting

“Teach Me How” Consultation helps the small church pastor, small business entrepreneur, and work at home professional focus on key elements relevant to the needs of your ministry or business. I work with you to help you learn to use valuable tools for marketing online. 

Specific areas of concentration include:

  • Blogging
  • How to use WordPress
  • Content creation and management 
  • Product and Resource Creation
  • How to use Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • How to outsource for little or no money
  • Product Marketing
  • Online Team Building

The list is not exclusive and you can speak with me FREE to determine what areas we need to focus on.

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