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[Christian Leadership] Is the Church prepared for the next move of God?

I saw this article by Mike Holmes on Dr Amos Johnsons site ( and wanted you to be sure and take a look.

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Is The Church Ready For The Next Move Of God

Is the Church prepared for the next move of God? by Mike Holmes

Before Ryan Ferrier went on to co-found and sell 3 companies to Microsoft and Zynga…he was jobless, broke, and teetering on the brink of hopelessness. Before he became an executive coach and consultant to the C-Suite of major companies he found himself cleaning toilets in a nursing home trying to make ends meet. And before he devoted himself to helping young people discover their purpose in life…he was a young man trying to find purpose in his life.

Ryan’s story may seem remarkable (and it is) but…he is simply a member of the new revolution.

A startup revolution.

Since President Obama launched the Startup America Partnership, a well-funded public/private initiative to encourage high-growth enterprises, a rising tide of activists, business associations, schools, nonprofits, investors and corporations are spawning startup contests and boot camps to support new businesses.

The ranks of the self-employed have been growing. According to research by Economic Modeling Specialists International, the number of people who primarily work on their own has swelled by 1.3 million since 2001 to 10.6 million, a 14% increase.

This “revolution” doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon.

Why? It’s simple:

  • Unemployment at 8.2%
  • People are spurred on by gurus such as Tim Ferriss (4 Hour Workweek) and Chris Guillebeau ($100 Startup)
  • Micro-niches not being met
  • Opportunities not being served
  • Game changing technology at our disposal
  • A global economy that has become more localized
  • And the cost of building an internet business at an all time low

But what is the church’s impact in this revolution?

For the most part we do a great job of teaching “workplace ministry” and being "like Jesus on the job." But there are few resources in the church for startups.

Don’t get me wrong there are notable exceptions:

Like Portsmouth Cathedral that has allocated space and resources to function as a startup incubator.

Or Ikon Christian Community Church that functions as a startup.

Or Redeemer Presbyterian Church’s Entrepreneurship Initiative which helps support and encourage entrepreneurship among its membership.

Or the prison ministries holding entrepreneurship seminars for inmates about to be released back into society

Or the Identity Conference held at Saddleback last year which aimed to help young Christian Entrepreneurs and even had Rick Warren as one of its main speakers

But has the church on the whole quite caught up with this “next move of God.”

It’s evident that there is a generation who doesn’t just want a “job”:

There are those who love God, who want to build meaningful work and not have a soul crushing job?

There are disenfranchised and newly minted college students who can’t find “the dream” they were promised?

There are those of us crazy enough to want to change the world?

There are those who do want to go into full time ministry, but don’t want church support, or the restrictions that come with a full time job

But what do you think? Is there a startup revolution? Is it the next move of God?


Bio: Mike Holmes is a blogger and speaker who heads the Simple Strategies for Startups community. He is also the author of I Shall Raise Thee Up: Ancient Principles for Lasting Greatness. You can download 4 Free Chapters Free.

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