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Ministry Technolgy: How Do You Protect Your Sermons? Pictures? Documents?

Have you thought about how you would feel 
if you LOST your sermon notes, research, 
family pictures, or business files from your 

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Well, when it happened to me I was HURT
The loss felt PERSONAL!  I knew I should 
have backed up my files, but …. 

The rest is … HISTORY!

How do you protect your sermons? How do
you protect your family pictures?

A while back I emailed you and told you MY
. I wanted to make you aware 
of the importance of backing up your personal 
files and not relying on hard drives and gave
you some shocking statistics on drive failures.

I have partnered with JustCloud to offer all 
my friends a free 14 day cloud backup trial (with 
15MB of Free space). They also have great special 
offers for after the trial for as little as $4.49/month 
(billed for 2 years) – peace of mind for your files for 
under $5/month!

A LOT of you took advantage of this special trial offer. 
Several told me their system crashed right after  
their backup 
(they were REAL happy)

Maybe you missed out! If you did, I  have decided to 
email you the link again, for one final chance of setting 
up your free trial account with JustCloud.

Get Your Free JustCloud Trial Account – (Exclusive)

Our whole lives are now stored on our hard drives, 
our photos, files, music, videos and more so it’s now 
more important than ever to be backing up.

JustCloud allows you to access your files from anywhere 
at anytime so you are never without your files, even on 
your internet enabled mobile devices and tablets.

I highly recommend that you take steps to back up your 
computer and files today.




Remember – Show up – Be Awesome – Bless Others

In Him,
JMb <><
Bishop James I Feel God Brown


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