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[ifeelgod] Do You Have a Skill You Want To Teach?

[ifeelgod] Do You Have a Skill to Teach? 

This week I heard about a preacher who wanted 
to teach ministry material to others and was unsure
how to get started. 
I was not asked but, regardless of what skill you
want to teach
, I would have recommended 
that he get The Simple Membership System at: 
Simple Membership System
For years, I’ve been traveling teaching at 
conferences and speaking. I love it!
I also plan to continue to help people one on 
one. But I’ve discovered an important method 
called the Simple Membership System
One of the believers I follow closely has 
shown me how this can work. He has been using 
this exact method for his course on writing 
Simple Member System teaches you how to get 
your own membership site setup with just ONE 
article easily in as little as 48 hours
It's very "beginner friendly" and yet 
profoundly profitable enough that even ten 
year veteran "gurus" are using the model! 
I'd like you to check out the Simple Member 
System at… 
The course itself is fantastic and a bargain 
at the asking price. But, what I really want 
to mention today are the "Quick Start Models
that are included as bonuses… 
1. Special Report: 20 Membership Site Ideas 
That Sell Like Crazy 
2. Special Report: How To Get New Members 
Fast And Frequently 
3. Special Report: How To S.T.A.R.T. A 
Membership Site By Outsourcing It 
These three bonuses are worth buying 
individually … but they've been included at 
no cost
I strongly encourage you to drop by and check 
it out. I think you'll be pleasantly 
surprised at the price and even more pleased 
with the end results if you work through the 
week long set of steps. 
GO NOW to… 
Discover Your Spiritual Gifts” Bible Study 
with Bis. AJ Collins & Bis. I Feel God Brown 
Watch it here
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Please SHARE and COMMENT… 
Remember, Show Up! Be Awesome! 
Attract Others…. 
In Him, 
JMb <>< 
Bishop James 'I Feel God' Brown 
The Internet's Favorite Pastor 
– – Kingdom Ministry 
PS. You have my 100% money back guarantee. 
You have nothing to lose and an income stream 
to gain through: 

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