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I went to the doctors office this week …. and the news was not good…

I went to the doctors office this week …
and the news was not good… 

I am one checkup away from needing shots for 
diabetes for the rest of my life! 

That is not going to work. But I have been 
failing and I don't know why! 

Are you exercising and not really seeing the 
results you hoped for? 

Maybe you're actually GAINING WEIGHT (very 
common, actually). 

Fact is, numerous research studies have shown 
that individuals who start on exercise 
programs actually subconsciously eat MORE 
calories due to the fact that exercise also 
stimulates your appetite. 

This is why folks who begin  exercising–without
consciously getting their 
diet under control at
the same time–often 
actually GAIN body fat

Do you want to put in the time and the effort 
in the gym to GAIN weight? Me either. 

That's why it's critically important that WE 
also take specific, strategic steps to create 
a fat burning environment in our bodies
through the foods that you eat. 

Did you know that you can USE FOOD to create 
a FAT BURNING environment …. 

Confused or unsure as to what specific steps 
you should take to transform your diet in to 
your fat-burning ally? 

I know I am but I believe Mike has the right 

Check it out here: 
Our bodies are the temple of the Holy Ghost, we must 
get on this. Will you join me?

Remember,  Show Up! Be Awesome! Attract Others….  

In Him,
JMb <><

Bishop James 'I Feel God' Brown
The Internet's Favorite Pastor
Visit My Blog    – – Kingdom Ministry

>> P.S. >> Dont let this information pass by without
checking EVERYTHING out …

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