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Christian Living: Valentines Bible Study – Where Is The Love

Listen to Valentines "Where Is The Love"
Wednesday Night Bible Study 

Bishop James I Feel God Brown and Bishop A James Collins - Where Is The Love Bible Study -

with Bishops James I Feel God Brown & Bishop A James Collins


An exciting time with both of us in the Word, sharing our insights on Love, Marriage, Dating, Abuse and so much more.

Please leave a comment and tell us what you think. What would you like to see us discuss in the future?

3 thoughts on “Christian Living: Valentines Bible Study – Where Is The Love”

  1. So blessed by this video, Bishop Brown. I hope to see many more like these. I have shared on Twitter and Facebook. Thank you for what you do.

  2. And what I’d like to see in the future?  I have a lot of women friends on Facebook having marriage problems. Talk to us about what the Scripture says when we are married to a spouse who is neglectful physically or materially to his wife, or if there is verbal abuse in the home, when the head of the home mismanages money – issues that aren’t necessarily addressed in church as Biblical reasons to separate, but can kill a marriage relationship. There are many women out here that need to hear these issues addressed from the Scriptures and could also use some encouragement. Thanks for asking.

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