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[Ministry Poll] Getting New Ministry Volunteers

As I talk to more and more pastors and ministry leaders, a consistent
question is 
"How can I get new ministry volunteers who are
committed to a service"?

Having just watched all the Super Bowl Commercials, I saw this
video and I started thinking…..

We live in a world where information is given to us in short video
bites, should churches use media to more effectively capture the
attention of potential servants and new ministry volunteers?

Video: It’s the first 7 minutes that make all the difference

Ok, what do you think?

Would this method be more effective  to get younger members involved.
Or maybe even in finding youth ministry volunteers?

Should we recruit members as new ministry volunteers or gain
their attention the same way Super Bowl Advertisers do, using
ministry technology?

Do you think this ministry technology is to difficult to do? Will it work?

[poll id="2"] 

What are your answers? Please vote and leave your comments below. 

1 thought on “[Ministry Poll] Getting New Ministry Volunteers”

  1. We’ve used videos in worship for quite a while now but we’ve only just started creating and using  videos that are specifically meant for our congregation. The people in these videos worship at our church and the surroundings seen in the videos are familiar. Those videos are inspired by “Five Practices of Fruitful Congregations” by Bishop Robert Schnase. They are being used in place of a more traditional “Stewardship Campaign” and so far we’ve seen a very positive response. Because I know how well this kind of technology can work I really like the idea of using it to get new ministry volunteers. We live in a world that is ever changing. Technology is at the center of just about everything we do. It’s a tool that can help support our efforts to build up the Kingdom of God and the church needs to use it.

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