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D/FW – MONDAY – Turn Sunday’s Sermon Into A Money Making Kindle eBook In One Week!

Turn Sunday's Sermon 
Into A Money Making Book 
On Kindle In One Week!
Do you want to learn how to turn your sermons into ebooks?
Do you want to learn all about how to publish your book on the Kindle, iPad, Nook and other distribution platforms?
Do you want to earn MONEY from your sermons and bible studies?
In the last few months, Kindle ebook sales have overtaken paperback print book sales on Ebooks are a growing percentage of total book sales and the price of ereaders continues to come down..
Some ebook authors are selling hundreds of thousands of books and even those people selling a lot less are getting their work out there faster and to a wider global audience than through traditional publishing.
Whatever your personal feelings about ebooks, you are not your market and your book could be selling to a global audience if you make it available as an ebook and start selling it now.
We will teach you how to transform your sermon into a money making Kindle ebook in just 7 days!  That's how far you are away from getting EXTRA income for your family and ministry for work you have already done!
This workshop will teach you all about how you can publish your sermon into an ebook and avoid pain, hassle and expense along the way.
Let me answer your questions for you: 

DONT MISS THIS CLASS!                                                       

Why you need to publish your book as an ebook anyway – all the latest statistics, predictions and how reading habits are changing

  • The most common questions answered about ebooks including: How much should ebooks cost? Does it affect your chances of a real publishing deal? How much does it cost to publish an ebook?


  • Plus/ Tips for book cover design and recommendations for outsourcing

This live workshop will teach you all about how to:
  • Convert your audio sermon into a manuscript for a book,
  • Edit that manuscript for publication
  • Format that manuscript for electronic publication
  • Create a cover for your ebook without any skills
  • Price your new ebook for optimum sales
  • Upload your ebook
  • How to increase sales of your ebook
With the fantastic changes in technology, you can be selling your ebook on the Kindle store, the iPad or the Nook within days. It’s still important to write a great book, have it edited and use a great cover designer but the process for ebook publishing is now available to all.?

Remember,  Show Up! Be Awesome! Attract Others….  
In Him,
JMb <><

Bishop James 'I Feel God' Brown
The Internet's Favorite Pastor
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1 thought on “D/FW – MONDAY – Turn Sunday’s Sermon Into A Money Making Kindle eBook In One Week!”

  1. Seems like a good read and worth checking out. Thanks for sharing. I have a friend who is quite interested with short stories. I guess this can be a perfect gift. What do you think?

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