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Christian Living: 84 life-altering ideas that will REALLY make you think!

First, Let me say with passion, that NOTHING on 
this earth will give you More OR BETTER 

That just will not happen!

Our prosperous and complete Christian Life
and Christian Living, must be centered with
a biblical world view.

But, what happens when England’s top
personal development blogger decides
to present all his most important ideas
in one place? Can we find some nuggets
that we can apply to our Christian Lifestyle?

Read on to get the answer and find out why I am
recommending you check out this page right now: 

Want your own personal development library? 

Steven Aitchison is completely obsessed
with the idea of trying to improve his readers
lot in life….. 

…..And yours. 

It would be easy to write him off as someone with
an obsessive compulsive personality who just cannot
stop writing about all the things the rest of us
think about but never manage to adequately put
into words. 

On the other hand, that's what makes his writing
so good! 

Now he has gone and done something that is totally
in accord with his obsessive personality – he has
decided that there is no point trying to work out
all these issues he has with the way we regular
folk think and behave if he can't get his message
out to the largest possible audience. 


Even though these booklets are not strickly written
for Christians, from those I have read, he really
gives some GOOD PRACTICAL steps that can
be applied from the Christian Living Perspective

So he has collected his best ideas into 84 personal
development reports, bundled them all together,
and today he is making the lot available at a
ridiculously low price. 

Go here to see what I mean: 

Get all 84 for the price of JUST ONE. 

If you have ever wondered why you might think the
way you do about certain things in your life, or
you have wondered about what you can do to change
the annoying thoughts and behaviors you exhibit,
the odds are very good that you'll find Steven's
extraordinary collection of extended essays more
than food for thought. 

In the reports you'll learn: 

* How to Change Your Beliefs
* The One Technique That Will Double Your Productivity
* 3 Questions That Could Change Your Life
* Discover the Magic Inside of You
* How to be More Focused
* How to Change Your Thoughts
* How to Master Your Emotions
* Master Your Eye Contact Skills
* How to Be More Lucky
* How to Be Confident
* How to GOYA
* Learn the Thoughts That Hold You Back in Life
* Plus So much more 

This is just a SAMPLING of the many topics discussed
in this massive collection of musings by the top
personal development blogger in the UK: 

Get all 84 for the price of JUST ONE. 

Remember,  Show Up! Be Awesome! Attract Others….  

In Him,
JMb <><

Bishop James 'I Feel God' Brown
The Internet's Favorite Pastor
Visit My Blog    – – Kingdom Ministry





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