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Ministry Technology: How A Michigan Pastor Uses His Kindle for Ministry

My friend Pastor Jeremy Hoover made this post on his blog. I thought it was excellent. I am enjoying my android tablet as well. It is becoming my favorite piece of ministry technology. Tell me what you think about how he uses his.

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Ministry Technology: Using Kindle For Ministry

How I Use My Kindle for Ministry

Last year I gave in and bought a Kindle Keyboard. At the time, my main purpose in buying it was to save money. I planned on purchasing nearly everything I read for "leisure" on the Kindle. I was going to continue buying all my reference and ministry books in physical form.


But my thinking on this has changed. The Kindle, because of its e-ink technology, provides an outstanding platform for reading. The eye strain I expected never materialized. I can literally read on the Kindle for hours at a time. And I don't have to worry about the battery–even with the heavy use I put it through, the battery will last for a couple of weeks without needing a charge, longer if I minimize the time I have it connected to wifi or the 3G network.

Because of this, I have transitioned almost all of my book-buying over to my Kindle. This now includes my reference and ministry books. The Kindle is a back-saver in this regard! On a device smaller and lighter than my Thinline ESV Bible, I have, right now: 

4 different Bibles

2 different study Bibles (ESV Study Bible and the NET Study Bible)

1 Unabridged Matthew Henry's Commentary

1 commentary on Proverbs

2 commentaries on Ephesians (including Peter O'Brien's in the Pillar series)

2 Biblical studies books (God's Glory in Salvation through Judgment by Hamilton and Simply Jesus by N.T. Wright)

1 preaching book

a number of nonfiction books for general reading

1 novel (Stephen King's 11/22/63)

When I bought the Kindle I also bought a nice faux leather case for it, so it looks nice to hold and carry.

The Kindle has been invaluable for me from a ministry standpoint. I used to have to carry a backpack or briefcase full of books everywhere I went. Now, I take my slim, little Kindle that has everything I need. When I've gotten stuck someplace, I've been able to have my choice of things to read–alternating from the Bible, to a commentary, to a novel. And it's served as a computer on the go–so I can tap into my email or do a quick web search through the 3G or wifi connection.

I highly recommend a Kindle for use in ministry. This use of the kindle is a great application of ministry technology. 

It does not have to replace your current library nor does it have to replace your future purchase of physical books. But at a minimum, you can stuff it full of Bibles and some reference books. It becomes a portable library that you can have with you at all times, whether in your office, your office-away-from-the-office (aka, the coffee shop!), the hospital during visitations, at home, or on the go.

By Jeremy Hoover




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