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Web Ministry: 3 Things Every Church Should Do For The New Year


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There are three things that I believe every 
church should do as they prepare their
web ministry to enter the new year. 

These three things will help the church be 
more effective and more efficient in how they 
go about reaching the people that they serve, 
and managing their resources. 

The first thing every church needs to do as 
she gets her web ministry ready to go into 
the new year, is to create a backup of their 
hard drive. Without a hard drive backup, if 
something were to happen to the church 

For instance, if someone breaks into the 
church and steals it or if a fire occurs in 
the building and damages it. Without a backup, 
the church's financial records, donation 
records, and contact records will be lost


I personally like to use the cloud service 
known as MOZY. Mozy allows you to back up 
the church hard drive off-site by storing it 
in the cloud.

Mozy –

This will kill two birds with one stone. Not 
only have you backed up your hard drive, 
but you have stored that backup away from 
your physical facility. Should a fire or 
flood occur your backup will be safe. 

The second thing every church should do is 
update their mail list. Mail lists are 
important for churches to stay in contact 
with their members AND financial supporters

The of Azuza Revival came to an end when 
they lost control of their mail list. I 
suggest that you update not only your 
online mailing list, but also your Post 
Office mailing list. 

Simply ask all of your members and friends 
to be sure that you have their correct 

By the way, if you have never started a church 
mail list, especially an online mail list, the 
beginning of the year is a good time to start 
one. Actually, there is no such thing as a bad
time to start one 

There are a number of software solutions, 
which would help churches big and small have 
an effective communication service using 
e-mail every month.

Read the booklet "How To Start A Church Mail List" 

The final thing every church should do is 
update the church's website. There are few 
things worse than visiting a church's website, 
because you're interested in the church, and 
seeing and announcement for the revival that 
ended six months ago. Visitors who encounter 
this type of website rarely come back. 

So, change the colors, change the pictures,
change the information. But make the site

There are generally three types of websites 
that churches have: 

The first is a Yellow Pages website. These 
type of websites never change. And if you 
have seen them once there is absolutely no 
reason to visit again. 

The second type of website is a magazine 
style site. It may change semiannually or 
quarterly, but it does not change very 
frequently. These sites are better than 
Yellow Pages sites, but not nearly as good as 
our third type of site. 

Our third type of site is a newspaper site. 
These sites change daily, weekly or monthly, 
but they change regularly. As a result, there 
is always a good reason to return for a visit. 

Well, there you have it those are the three 
things I believe every church should do at 
the beginning of the year. 

1) Backup The Hard Drive
2) Update The Mail List
3) Spruce up and Update The Website

I am sure there are others that may come to 
your mind, but at least start with these 

God bless you. I'll see you again real soon. 
Until then, 

take action,
be awesome, 
and attract others

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