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Christian Living: What Is In Your Spiritual Bucket List


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During New Year's season every year, people hurry to make New Year's Resolutions. Most of which they will never start much less ever keep. That said, each new year is a good time to assess where we are in life, mentally, physically, spiritually, and of course financially.

Many people write things like they would like to be more empathetic, compassionate and — at critical moments — more silent, A friend of mine once said that his resolution for the new year was to  "Speak no harm."

So as I was working through my goals for the new year, my mind recalled 2008 movie "The Bucket List". You remember, two aging men with fatal illnesses, played by Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman, leaped from planes, drove race cars, and more, crossing off challenges on their bucket lists. Finally, of course, they realized by the end that peace with those you love was more important than any adrenalin-charged adventures on the dream "do" list. 


Maybe these annual spiritual resolutions should be a list of goals like a "bucket list" — those things you most want to do or accomplish before you die.

If I had a spiritual bucket list, what would I want on it. Honestly I was baffled! I had not even considered such a thing. How would an item qualify for inclusion. What would be my greatest and finest spiritual aspiration?

What would God want on my bucket list? After all, he is the one with a plan for my life and ministry. Shouldn't I go get HIS input on this?  Oh, that's right, he has been preparing me for it all my life. Hmmm.

What would bring me TRUE spiritual satisfaction? I learned long ago that if what you do for God does not impress you, it is not going to impress God.  God really does know when you have done your VERY best. He really does know how hard and difficult the obstacles your faced were, just like YOU DO. So, if your efforts did not give you satisfaction of accomplishment, they can never cause God to be impressed.

I have done a lot of thinking on this and I still do not have a single item. 

Do you have a spiritual bucket list? What's on it?

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