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Church Technology Poll: Do You Speak or Preach From A Tablet Or E-reader?


Tablet computers have been the big gift this Christmas season.

I know many of my friends who have used their IPad’s to speak or preach from for a couple of years.

Now that I have one, I want to preach from a android based tablet, as well.

Does anyone speak or preach from a tablet or e-reader?

If so,

·       Which device do you use?

·       Which apps do you use?

·       Where do you prepare the content.

·       How extensively do you move during the sermon?

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What are your answers? Please vote and
leave your comments below. 

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Voting ends THURSDAY Dec 29th @Midnight

In Him,
JMb <><

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9 thoughts on “Church Technology Poll: Do You Speak or Preach From A Tablet Or E-reader?”

  1. Yes, I speak, teach and preach with an iPad2. Also everything I used to do on my laptop, and more…email, Facebook, Linked In and Twitter updates, free group text messages, recording teaching, note taking, 100s of e-books, digital magazines, Kindle, Nook,  news & weather, remote control and access office computers (, and much more! At least 20 different Bibles with 20+ translations. Awesome Apps to aid teaching and speaking with iPad: Smartnote, PDF Reader Pro, Pen and Paper, Evernote (linked notes and to-do to all computers, iPod, phones, etc.), GoodReader, Dragon Dictation to text, and much more, not time to mention…PTL!

    Roy Coleman, Pastor
    Victory Christian Center
    Louisville, KY

    1. Hi Roy,

      I think I want to be like you when I grow up!!! LOL

      Of course you realize It would be great if you would record some of what you do and let us post-it here,there, and everywhere

      Great GREAT GREAT!

      In Him,
      JMb <

  2. I am teaching on radio, TV and pulpits using my iPad 2. It is really very comfortable, manageable,  small and easy.

    Dr. Alejandro Oviedo. 

  3. I have a rooted Nook Color (which is basically just an Android tablet) which I love using while speaking. I find that it makes referring to notes very easy, and not as distracting to the audience as using a laptop or smartphone. I also find the QuickOffice app and DropBox to be essential to sermon prep on the tablet.

    1. Hi Jason,

      I had thought about returning my Dell Streak since it was discontinued right after I bought it and I have till the end of Jan for a return. If I did return it, the plan was to get a new nook tablet and root it.

      Do you edit on your pc then use dropbox to get it on your tablet?

      Thanks for the feedback

      In Him,
      JMb <

    1. I am looking forward to using my 7″dell streak which is an android. I had thought I would use evernote on the pc then use evernote on the tablet as well, but that is not working well for me right now. Might try your method. Sounds good

      In Him,
      JMb <

  4. I have used both an ipad 2 and a galaxy tab 2 10.1. I prefer the tab 2 because it is better for multitasking. But the software I used on both was “splashtop”. You install the app on your tablet and write your message with powerpoint. I then download it to the projection computer. The tech starts my powerpoint sermon and I take over with splashtop. I see the notes beside the slides as you would if you ran the powerpoint from the A/V area. But in this case I tap the screen to “click” the slides. In other words I take over the tech’s job. But I like it because then the timing is better and I can see the slides easily. I also can carry the tablet while I preach.

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