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ChurchNET Reminder! Please join us today, Wed., Dec. 14th from 10am – 11am CENTRAL

From: Donna Tyree <[email protected]>

Date: Tue, Dec 13, 2011 at 2:33 PM

Subject: ChurchNET Reminder!

To: Undisclosed Recipients <[email protected]>


Hello ChurchNET members & interested parties,


REMINDER:    Please join us tomorrow, Wed., Dec. 14th from 10am – 11am CENTRAL for our ChurchNET free teleconference.  Everyone is welcome.



December 14th –  “3 Fast and Easy Ways To Generate     

184167_10150141874050336_746515335_8485706_5208566_n[1]                                         Income From Online Ministry”

                                          – led by Bishop James Brown


Topic Description:  Many Pastors and Bible Teachers create

terrific teaching material every week that never sees the light of day again.

The internet provides a unique platform to create materials that can be distributed to a global audience. If you would ever sell a Christian book in a book store, then why not create materials for sale online? It's fun, easy and can be on the market for less than $20. Pastors who struggle to make sure the bills are paid, can use these resources to fund their ministry and home.

Brief Bio:  Bishop James I Feel God Brown, also known as, “The Internet’s Favorite Pastor” is widely considered one of the web’s leading ministry and marketing consultants. He specializes in teaching the fundamentals of web ministry and business.

 His common sense approach to using the Internet for Ministry and Business has made him an in-demand trainer, publisher, and listening ear. He has helped hundreds and hundreds of people establish and grow online ministries and businesses since 2001, and has created *numerous best-selling internet bible studies and marketing courses*.

 Along with his partner for life Pastor Linda Brown the powerful duo minister to the “up and out”, as well as, “the down and out”.  Their ministry is quite diverse but has a firm grounding on the Word of God and “the demonstration of the Spirit and Power”. They believe the churches mission statement should mirror Jesus’: to preach, heal, deliver, recover, and empower. Bishop is a respected community leader and organizer, in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, having served as an Assistant Event Coordinator for Promise Keepers and Convoy of Hope, both serving thousands.

 In addition to being a powerful preacher and teacher, he is known as a prolific writer. His columns and articles are widely distributed on the internet and many print publications. He has also been instrumental in developing or producing several books by other pastors who were seeking to expand their ministries.

 Believing that the church must be innovative and creative in order to reach this end time generation, Bishop Brown is active in utilizing and implementing technology for the spread of the Gospel. Having attended Michigan State University, he applies his expertise as a software engineer for the Kingdom of God. From internet web sites to CD duplication to print publications, Bishop Brown stands at the forefront of technological innovation for the Kingdom of God.

When he’s not working, Bishop is found spending time with his family (lovely wife Linda, Sons James and Todd, Daughter Tiffany, Grandsons Julian, Ralph, Hayden, and Noah, and Granddaughters Toddrianna and Morgan) and friends, attending his local church, and visiting yard sales.

 He has a daily weekday devotional called the “Morning Encourager” available by text message, Twitter, and Facebook

Contact Info:  Bishop James 'I Feel God' Brown, The Internet's Favorite Pastor,  Visit My Blog, – Kingdom Ministry
 Stay In Contact with me



Please follow these simple steps to participate in the teleconference and REGISTER at


1)            The phone number to dial is:  218 – 339 – 2626

2)            ACCESS CODE is:  33 33 88#  (after entering, you will be asked to verify you entered the code correctly,

                                                                        and to press 1 to confirm)

3)            Announce your name, then press #

4)            You will hear a brief introduction, then you’ll be asked to press 1 to allow the teleconference to be recorded

                   (for those members who are unable to hear it “live”)

5)            We WELCOME your participation (questions, comments) during the teleconference

6)            OR you may also email your questions, comments to

7)            Please MUTE your phone when not participating  to reduce the background noise.


EVERYONE IS WELCOME.  Teleconference and membership in ChurchNET are free.


Would you like to be involved in ChurchNET and help us grow? Take these 5 simple steps:

1)                  Please register at  for a free teleconference

2)                  BECOME A MEMBER (no cost or obligation!)  just click on the red star “JOIN NOW”

a.       BECOME PART OF OUR EXPERTISE DATABASE – when you complete the enrollment form, be sure to say YES to being part of our EXPERTISE DATABASE!

3)                  SPONSONSHIPS & DONATIONS:   Read about the BENEFITS OF SPONSORSHIP and/or make a donation, it’s easy to do on our website!

4)                   Join our Linked In Group at

5)                   And LIKE us on Facebook!



NEXT WEEK’s ChurchNET teleconference topic:  (Wed., Dec, 21st  at 10 am central):

 TOPIC:                    “Helping the Walking Wounded – Part II”

Discussion Led by:   Debbie Thurman

Moderated by:         Steve Williams


SEE ATTACHMENT for details on topics and our speaker line-up!


GOLD LEVEL SPONSORS:  Alexander Group, Inc;  Executive Wood Products;; and The Vision Group


Opt-Out:  If you no longer wish to receive email communications from ChurchNET, please email a message saying “please remove me from your ChurchNET distribution list”.  Thank you!


ChurchNET is a interdenominational Christian organization which holds weekly teleconference (Wednesdays at 10am Central daylight time) designed to share ideas and teachings which help all participating churches and individuals to become stronger in a variety of ways.  We have faith based conversations on topics requested by our membership.    Learn more about ChurchNET by visiting our website.  We invite you to become a member at no cost and participate whenever possible on  our weekly teleconferences.  If you are interested in being a “Conversation Leader” OR would just like to suggest a topic, please email or call us.


Donna Tyree, Member/Guest Relations







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