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Internet Business: I had no idea ….

Changed Lives

Re: I had no idea this coaching touched lives in so many ways.

I just saw a message posted to one of our blogs recently that struck a nerve for me.

Here it is… 

“I’m interested in this and need to make money quickly due to cancer treatment needed. Please send me the link to the last webinar or info on it and sign up page. I really appreciate that you guys are always thinking about helping us make the money we need. Love it!”

I am floored at all the reasons, like money for ministry, utilities about to be turned off, unemployment, serious illness, or accident, that people need help and need these recommended programs to make a difference in their lives.

During this holiday season, we should all count our blessings. The internet business has been a very good income source for me for many years and I am so happy to pass on any help I can as your coach!

Here is the link to the webinar and info for anyone else that needs to make more from internet business for any reason.

Go to the site:


In Him,

JMb <><
Bishop James I Feel God Brown
The Internet's Favorite Pastor

PS – When you click on the link, we should prepare you for a surprise. 

There won't be some angry guy yelling at you about how you are dumb if you don't buy his product! But they will show you exactly – really, exactly – how they have helped their friends earn $463.34 every single day using internet business techniques.

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