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Internet Ministry: Are You Using A Squeeze Page? You Should!

Internet Ministry: Are You Using A Squeeze Page? You Should!

Most ministries already know how important it is to get a visitor card so they can follow up. 

Yet many of these same ministries neglect using a squeeze page for acquiring contact information from visitors to their church websites or ministry social media sites. 

Josh Hunt (also known as The Sunday School Man ) teaches that churches should "invite every member and every visitor to every event every month" if they want to double their churches in two years or less. 


"In Only A Few Clicks You Can Edit Any Element On The Squeeze Page
Without Any Techie Skills – It's Point & Click Easy!"


You cannot invite them if you don't know who they are and a squeeze page allows you to capture this important information. 

Ok, I hear you, you want to know what a squeeze page is? Lets take a look 

Squeeze Page Definition and Pratical Example 

Most people are unfamiliar with this term, a squeeze page is simply a web page which allows you to give your visitor the ability to download something of value in exchange for their name and email address 

e.g. You create a web page to allow a website visitor to download a free ebook or sermon outline you have created if they leave their name and email address. 

According to study,readers that come to these kind of pages are so eager to receive extra information from you, that they gladly give you this precious information and will also confirm their intention to be on your mail list. 

Take a look at this squeeze page example 



"In Only A Few Clicks You Can Edit Any Element On The Squeeze Page 
Without Any Techie Skills – It's Point & Click Easy!"


There are several benefits of creating a Squeeze page. Here, are just a few: 

1) Loyalty – With a squeeze page you are able to quickly and easily build a list of readers who are interested in the subjects you discuss and therefore will be your most supportive followers. 

2) Contact – When you collect names and addresses with your squeeze page, you allow yourself to maintain a consistent ongoing conversation with people who want to know you and your ministry. 

3) Support – People who are informed about what your ministry is doing are most likely to be the ones who will provide both monetary and spiritual support for your work 

Creating a squeeze page can be both fast and easy. A good squeeze page does not need to be complex but rather simple. That said, who would give their name and email information to a organization that looks sloppy?

You don't need to be a programmer to set up a GREAT squeeze page. Most of the good mailling list and autoresponder companies will provide templates to get you going 

So, remember do not hesitate to create a online visitor card. It is important and it is called a squeeze page 

In Him,
JMb <><


p.s. btw, I just came into contact with James Francis but he has created a quick and easy squeeze page creator that can take all the guess work out of building your list with squeeze pages. Check his system out here

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