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Christian Living: 300 Dead Bodies (and what they mean to YOU)


Dear Man or Woman of God

Tha most important thing in my life is living for the master! Following close behind is my wife and family.

That said, I DO want to go to heaven. But I am not in a hurry to get there.

I am getting older and I know it.  My body is showing the wear and tear of almost 60 years.

Fact is I am convicted about my health and know I MUST do something about it.

I cannot afford to wait for the new year to start getting fit! I must get going NOW!

Linda, has been telling me about getting cleaned out as I get started.

A friend of mine sent me the information below & I was BLOWN AWAY!  I think you will be too.

Check out the video here

Not long ago, a college anatomy lab performed autopsies on 300 human bodies. 

Colon Health Warning-300 Dead Bodies The students were shocked to find that 285 (95%) of the deceased had unusually large amounts of toxic waste material backed up in their colons. 

But here's what was shocking… 

Virtually NONE of the deceased thought they had a problem before passing away! 

How could that be? 

Watch this timely presentation on how this sort of thing can happen and what you can do about it: Live Longer And Leaner With This One Toxin Taming Trick. 

At best, failing to eliminate toxins fast enough can result in weight gain and low energy. At worst, the body’s immune system can become overwhelmed… causing you to get sicker and sicker. 

If you think you might be amongst the 95% who are carrying around a heavy toxic load, make sure you watch this important video presentation.



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