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Internet Ministry: There’s A Church Mobile APP For THAT! Soon anyway!

We are putting together some mobile apps for churches. What would you want to see in a mobile app for your church?

There are so many things that churches can do with church mobile apps today. They can:

  • Give Directions
  • Stream Live Services
  • Offer Audio On Demand
  • Offer Video On Demand
  • Provide Maps To The Church
  • Provide A Copy Of The Bulletin
  • Give A Current Schedule Of Events
  • Distribute Urgent Prayer Requests
  • Provide Sermon Notes
  • Provide Sunday School Questions
  • Topics of Pastoral Emphasis
  • Make Last Minute Announcements

What are some of the ones you think are most important?

Are there any we left out that you would want in your Church's Mobile App?

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5 thoughts on “Internet Ministry: There’s A Church Mobile APP For THAT! Soon anyway!”

  1. I like all the categories listed above and think it would all be very useful.  I think it would be especially useful for schedule of events, prayer requests, announcements, a copy of the bulletin, for use by current members of the congregation.   An application that is group specific within the church ie Sunday School Class, or small group would also be helpful.
    As a pastor I would like an app to use to track mileage, calls made, visits- hospital or home, etc.

  2. Actually, I saw a church web site that was really cool.  It had a section where people could post prayer requests and after people prayed for them, they could send them a note without needing their e-mail address.  That would be a great app for a church or as a universal prayer list.

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