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Christiian Living: Why Christian Writers & Ministers Need To Know About Amanda Hocking And How That Information Can Change Ministry Pt2

Earlier this week  I posted part 1 of this article. Today I conclude my thoughts

Kindle 3 ~ Christian Living:  Why Pastors and Ministers need to know about Amanda Hocking reported last week that "for the first quarter of 2011, e-book sales were up 159.8%, to $233.1 million."

That means that "E-book sales easily outdistanced mass market paperback sales in the first quarter."

Amanda Hocking is important to Christian pastors, ministers, teachers, and Christian writers because she provides a practical model for what each of us can do because of the new technologies available for publishing.

We are no longer limited to vanity publishers who rip us off, never promote our works, and then leave us with a garage full of books that are ruined when the roof leaks.

For most Christian ministers, we publish the equivalent of a full size book every month. When you compile the notes we sift through to preach or teach a series of bible lessons or sermons, we have more than enough material for 400 page epic.

The trouble is that for the most part this material is never seen again once we deliver the message or teach the class. We likely have notebooks full of it. That is, we have a lot of it IF our spouse has not insisted that we throw it out.

I live in a city with a major baptist seminary. I also used to go to a number of storage locker auctions, back when you could get great deals. You know, before they started puting them on TV.

One of the sad things I would come across in those lockers were sermon notes from retired or deceased preachers. Notes their children had no idea how to use or what to do with, that were subsequently hauled off to the dump.

It is sad that so many diligent men and women of God had their life's work destroyed in such a manner.

It could have been so much different!

In the current publishing environment those works could have been published. Published without up front money. Published without a formal publisher. Published and monies generated to help the family of the man or woman of God.

A legacy of the life's work of so many could have been made available for others to grow-by in their Christian walk. Books that could have preserved the pearls of wisdom and revelation that God had given them during their walk with Him.

Yes, Amanda Hocking is VERY important, because she points the way for using electronic publishing to spread the gospel and fund our ministries.

Kindles', IPads', Android Tablets', Print On Demand Publishing, and a host of new devices still to be released, allow us a freedom that has never been experienced since Guttenberg.

Let's not be the last folks to get on the train. For the most part it is FREE to publish your works electronically.

Today is the day for you to get started

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