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Christian Living: Christian Rapper Rebukes Eddie Long in New Music Video

Christian rapper / hip hop artist Pryme Minister is coming out with a new song that blasts Atlanta New Birth Missionary Baptist Church's Bishop Eddie Long.

Pryme Minister – Christian Rapper – Rebuke You! –
Don\'t Call Him Bishop Long Call Him Bishop Babylon 

The video opens with news clips about Bishop Long's settlement with four young men who had claimed that Long had sexually abused them when they were teenagers.  

"Don't call him Bishop Eddie, call him Bishop Babylon," Prime Minister sings in a lyrical rebuke that calls Long a false prophet.

Change Muzik is intended to challenge the audience, including "gangsters and robbers," to think and reflect on the realities of this world and compare them to the promises of Christ. 

Change Muzik is for the unchurched who desire a personal transformation but may not enter a traditional church.  Pryme Minister is quoted as saying,

“I’m talking to the streets, to the hood…not church folks. Most people who relate to my music have never been in church so gospel rap doesn’t impact them like “Change Muzik” does…”

Change Muzik and Militant Minded Entertainment partnered together to pioneer Community Helpers Advocating Neighborhood Growth in Economic Success (CHANGES). They donate 5 percent of music sales to local shelters, youth groups and outreach programs that target the disadvantaged.

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