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Traditional VS Self-Publishing


When you have finished your book, redrafted it, edited it, let friends, colleagues and strangers read it, re-drafted it again, you may finally be ready to publish.

Now you have another big decision to make.

Deciding whether to send your book off to agents and publishers in the hope that it might be traditionally published, or choosing to go down the self-publishing route is not a decision you will make lightly.

There are, of course, pros and cons for each.

There is huge competition – the ease of self-publishing means that everyone’s doing it. It is extremely hard to get your book noticed among the sea of others – you have to work hard to ensure yours stands out.

The decision whether to be traditionally or self-published is not one an author should take likely. Remember, writing a book is a massive achievement and now you must go with your instincts and decide what’s right for you

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