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Why Are My Emails Going to Spam


High spam rates can lead to lower open rates, lower conversions, and even getting your email banned—meaning less money for your business.

That’s why we created this 15-point checklist to improve your email deliverability, get your emails in the inbox, and make more sales. Let’s dive in!

Note: This checklist assumes you’re using an email service provider (ESP) like Sumo, MailChimp, ConvertKit, etc. If you’re sending from a personal email, these steps will still help, but you might be dealing with a separate issue.

15 Reasons Why Your Emails Might Be Going To Spam

  1. You Didn’t Get Permission To Email Them
  2. Your Open Rates Suck
  3. You Haven’t Sent Anything In A While
  4. You’re Using Spam Trigger Keywords
  5. You Used A Big Image With Little or No Text
  6. Your Subject Line Is Misleading
  7. You’re Sending to Old, Inactive or Bogus Email Addresses
  8. You Included Attachments
  9. Your “From” Information Is Wrong
  10. You Didn’t Include An “Unsubscribe” Link (or It’s Broken)
  11. You Made Spelling Or Grammar Errors
  12. You Didn’t Include A Physical Address
  13. You Didn’t Use Smart Copywriting
  14. Your Subscribers Didn’t Engage With Your Emails
  15. You Didn’t Test Your Emails For Spam Before Sending


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