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Internet Ministry: 8 Types Of Video For Ministry – And They Work


You have likely seen and read my various posts about the benefits of using social media for online ministry, components like; Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ can all be utilized to build closer relationships and build interest in your ministry message.

Yet, I am often asked by pastors and ministry leaders what types of posts should they make to their social media outreaches. In fact, the types of technology that can be used and shared on these social platforms is often overlooked.


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Web videos help to aid in the social and relationship building process. They are widely viewed by the online community because they bring a visual component to content. The truth is that the internet is a graphical medium, people are attracted by what they see much more so than what they read.

As a result it seems only natural to embrace web video, as it provides audio and visual components to create a more human experience.

Eight types of video for ministry

Video type #1:

Testimonials – Video testimonials are great to shoot at your ministry events. Start by finding someone willing to speak in front of the camera, then record their (SHORT) comments about what your ministry has meant to their life and family. People online are moved by people who they perceive are like them.

Video type #2:

Eye Witness Event Accounts – Have visitors to your revivals, outreaches, musicals give their impressions of the event. Capture their first-hand account of the event as it's completely fresh in their mind. These eye-witness accounts can also be used as promotional materials for future events with similar topics.

Video type #3:

Showcase videos – Whether you are giving away or selling ministry resources the process of getting your information out is really the same. Sales letters (even for giveaway items) and pictures can help in convincing others that they really want your material, but they can only present so much.

A video can aid in the process by showcasing the resource or service and generate a personal connection.

Video type #4:

Training videos – Training videos can be used internally or externally, to train your ministry staff or people from other ministries and can make your ministry an authority.

If your ministry is especially effective in doing a particular thing, say ushering. Creating a short series of videos explaining how you do what you do, can help train your new voluteers, as well as, help build the kingdom helping other ministries that don't know what to do. Video can greatly help in the teaching process.

Video type #5:

Quick, fun viral videos – These type of web videos can help show a different side to your church or minsitry. Plus, you never know when something will go viral – which leads to a lot of exposure and visibility.

Video type #6:

Staff videos – As another way to build relationships and show transparency, staff videos help show the public who your ministry is from the inside out. Make a video of the youth pastor talking about youth church kids or telling funny stories. Let other staffers share their heart and interesting tidbits about your ministry on video.

Video type #7:

Podcasts or video blogs – Many churches, ministries, and ministers are quite accustomed to presenting online ministry content through the written word. To change the pace and reach additional audience members on another level, video podcasts or video blogs can be used as a premium content format.

This is much more simple than you may realize. All you have to do is turn on a simple flip cam once per week and talk about up coming activities, give a spiritual emphasis for the week, or whatever would educate and encourage your followers. Don't try to get to fancy with it and just let it flow.

Video type #8:

Resource & Product Commercial videos – If you sermons or training materials, that you would like to make available for sale or download online, why not take a 3 – 5 minute sample of the video footage and use it as a commercial. We all know the power of commercials. They let us take a peek at what we are going to get and they build excitement.

Video commercials might be a great solution in generating more revenue. Most potential buyers want to see what your material looks like before they purchase it or even download it for free. Video is the savior in this process, it would be very difficult to provide a true picture of what you offer otherwise.

If you want to learn more about these eight video types, and have the opportunity to ask questions about join us for one of our weekly webinars. Visit


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