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My Take On The Supreme Court Ruling On Marriage

As I was reading through facebook, I saw the vitriol expressed by many well meaning Christians in an uproar over the supreme Courts ruling on marriage. Some of the reponses also were not well meaning and simply legalistic, mean, disrespectful, and unloving.

So, for the record, here is my opinion…

I am hard pressed to be all up in arms over the Supreme Court decision on marriage.

We, Christian believers, did not protest or speak when sodomy was legalized. We did not protest or speak when governments no longer penalized people for adultery. We did not protest when pornography became acceptable and cable TV started to bring it to EVERY subscribers home (yes, if you have HBO or SHOWTIME you have porn in your house).

We are more concerned about keeping our idea of marriage for non-believers than we are about unmarried church members fornicating and having babies. Or, with clergy members fornicating or molesting children.

All these abominations IN THE CHURCH are ignored while we attempt to legislate and govern the life of unsaved people.


So I am hard pressed to be torn up over the next step while lazy Christians are more concerned with politics and taxes than converting the lost.

The problem with AMERICA is not rulings from the court but missing the call of scripture to be salt and light while making disciples for the Kingdom.

We major on minors… our hands IN CHURCH are filthy.

When the church WON’T be the REAL devil chasing, anointed, disciplined organism that Jesus died for and called his bride, then we cannot act surprised with the unsaved and undelivered act in ways that are nonbiblical.

That’s my opinion…

Unfriend me if you don’t like what I am saying, I really don’t care…

174 thoughts on “My Take On The Supreme Court Ruling On Marriage”

  1. Amen!  Brother!  Most people today Christian or non Christian do not take stand when they should and refuse to speak when they should and when they should take action and are called to take action to change things for the better they refuse to do so. Most people rather be part of the problem rather than be part of the solution. There are many so called Christian’s who are more frequently in total disobedient to the Lord and when called even by Him to speak up, they remain silent, when the are called to take a stand, they refuse to do so, and when they are told to take action they do not.  My attitude has become, if you refuse to be part of the solution and rather continue to be part of the problem, then get out of my way because I would rather take action, speak up and do what is right and be a part of the solution when every else around me rather be part of the problem.

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