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Look for your angel!

Shirley Miller, of Pittsburgh had received a phone call from her brother in Phoenix, the kind of call that everyone dreads. “Our ninety-six year old mother was in the hospital dying,” Shirley says, “and of course my brother told me to grab the next flight out.” Time was of the essence.

Shirley packed and arrived at the Pittsburgh airport in record time. But when she approached the Security Line, she realized …That it was so crowded that there were actually two lines, extending the length of the area. There seemed to be hundreds of passengers ahead of her too. Shirley’s heart sank as the passengers ebbed and flowed around her. She was definitely going to miss her flight, and perhaps even the next one. “God,” she whispered, “I need a miracle…”

“I stood there praying that my mother would wait for me,” Shirley says. Then, oddly, she saw a woman dressed in a uniform walking quickly towards her. For some reason she was easily making her way through the crowd. In fact, she stopped right in front of Shirley. “”Ma’am, you need to go across the room and get in that shorter line,” she said.

” Shirley was astonished. She could see that the line across the room was shorter, but no one around her had received any instructions to go there. What if she left her place in this line, and then couldn’t find a spot in the other line? And why was this flight attendant telling her what to do, when there were thousands of passengers in the same situation? She looked back at the woman. But she was gone.


…..Copyright 2013 by Joan Wester Anderson, published by Joan Wester Anderson, P.O. Box 127, Prospect Heights, IL 60070 by way of “Christian Voices” ([email protected]). For more stories of God’s love, check the blog at


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