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Mistakes Pastors Make Online: #1 – Concentrating On Doctrine

Mistakes Pastors Make Online: Concentrating On Doctrine

One of the most common and critical mistakes that pastors make online, is to attempt to start communications with a proclamation of doctrine.

Don’t get me wrong, I am all in favor of doctrine. But when it comes to online ministry, it is not the place to start the conversation.

Lessons From Online Markets

One of the things that I have learned from online marketing is that people respond to what they want and rarely to what they need.

Painting The Picture

In other words, paint them a picture of what heaven on earth looks like. Make them smell the ocean breeze and taste the honey cured bacon of a life in Christ.

This is the place to start your conversations online. Lead with honey not vinegar.

I have used this approach over and over and over, and it actually works better than asking questions but not quite as well as posting pictures

So don’t make the mistake of leading with doctrine, lead with the results of your best solution

In Him,

JMb <><

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