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Internet Ministry: 13 Ways Bloggers Can Make Money From Advertising

It seems like every week in every webinar I have, I am always asked question like "What are the ways I can make money from advertising on my blog" or "How can I make money advertising from advertising on a website?"

For those in ministry, this question is especially critical because many are very concerned that they might be percieved as "selling the gospel" with a blog about ministry topics or christian issues

This week I came across a mindmap, explaining all the ways to make money with a blog, from PROBLOGGER's Darren Rouse and it was absolutely EXCELLENT!  

Because it was so complete I wanted you to take a look at it.

How To Make Money With A Blog

Click above to enlarge "Ways To Make Make Money From Advertising With A Blog"

In summary, he lists the following 13 Ways Bloggers Can Earn Money Advertising With A Blog

1. Ad networks

2. Cost Per Impression (CMP)

3. Cost Per Acquisition (CPA)

4. Cost Per Click (CPC)

5. Sponsorships

6. Text links

7. Pay per post

8. Job board/classifieds

9. Newsletter advertising

10. RSS Ads

A Few More that he said he would add to the mindmap

11. In Text Ads

12. Video Advertising

13. Image Ads 


Ok, there you have it! What I believe is the definitive answer on how to generate income from a blog or as a blogger.

Do you have any that you believe should be added?

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