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What Will You Have To Say?

What Will You Have To Say?

What Is Your Answer?

Romans 14:12 And so each of us shall give an account of himself give an answer in reference to judgment to God.

Like it or not there’s a day coming when each of us will need to have an answer and we won’t be able to skip over the question.

We wont be able to say we are to shy to answer. Our good looks will not allow us to evade the question, as if it were a speeding ticket we were getting out of,

No, we will each need our own essay question answer for our own lives.

We will not get extra credit because our relatives were very good people, were in church, or did very great things.

Most of us have trouble understanding what we should even say to answer THAT QUESTION. However, I think our bottom line has to be:

How I put my faith and trust in Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior? (Which may be the ONLY answer necessary. But here are some other answers that support this first answer)

What were my priorities and how well did MY priorities line up with God’s priorities for my life?

How did I consistently apply my abilities and talents to love others and draw them to the Kingdom of God?

How well did i consistently show my love for other Kingdom Believers?

How did I demonstrate my love for the Lord through my obedience to HIS DIRECTIONS?

Since the Word promised that leading others into the Kingdom Life would cover many of my sins. How did I lead others into a relationship with Christ.

Finally, How did I build and apply my faith to the life that I live(d)?

I am sure that others will have answers to these questions that would differ from mine.

I’m also sure that others would have different questions, than the 7 I presented here, that we could use to evaluate how we would answer THAT QUESTION.

Nonetheless, I think it’s important that we spend some time evaluating how we should answer The Most Important Question we will EVER be required to answer.

So How Do You Think God Will Feel About Your Answer?
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