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The 3 Things I Did To Start Writing Again

The 3 Things I Did To Start Writing Again
For the first time in a long time. I started writing again today. I’m very excited because it’s something I haven’t been able to do.
I could give you 1 million reasons why I had not been writing. But the truth of the matter is that most of them would be excuses.
I finally got myself organized and began letting the thoughts roll out of my mouth as I dictated my material.
Yes, for me writing is a bit unconventional. I rarely type when I’m writing I usually dictate all of my ideas as I sit in my chair and close my eyes.
I still have not developed the habit of using my tablet to accomplish anything significant, when I’m writing. But I’m sure that will change as I’m able to spend more time getting used to the technology.
It was strange how

easily I was able to pick up again right where I had left off.
The truth is there are three things that I had to do in order to begin writing.
The first and most important was that I had to stop procrastinating one of my biggest failures and one of the things that causes me the most problems is my tendency to procrastinate.
The second thing I had to do was organize. I have had Scrivener and decided to use it. If you’ve never heard of Scrivener I highly recommend it is a writing platform that allows you to organize your thoughts, just as you would 3 x 5 cards.
This organizational point alone allows you to break up your writing into smaller chunks and eliminates the need to procrastinate before starting.
Many times procrastination is caused by having jobs that appear to big to get started with.
Simply using this software package alone,helped me to overcome this hesitation.
The final thing that I had to do in order to get started was to pick a topic that I really was passionate about writing about. It also had to be something that I was so familiar with that I wouldn’t have to use a lot of research in order to write.
One side selected my topic, I put on my headset leaned back in my chair and just began to talk. It was so easy and simple. In case you don’t didn’t know, I use Dragon NaturallySpeaking in order to get an instant transcription of my words.
I have used Dragon for number of years, but the newer versions are just exceptional. They are even able to decode some of my Ebonics.
So that’s what it took three easy steps and I’m back on track. What slows down your writing, your creativity? Whatever it is we all need to remember that there is a world waiting to hear what we have set.
JMb <><

1 thought on “The 3 Things I Did To Start Writing Again”

  1. You sound just like me. Procrastination is my biggest enemy. And I love, love, love Scrivener. I’ve heard of Dragon, but haven’t used it yet. Sounds a lot easier than typing.

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