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New Course: The Give and Get Cash Workshop on

Give and Get Workshop Header

The Give and Get Cash Workshop has just opened up on
Our sister site, Christian Stimulus. We are very excited
about the course and we wanted you to know about it.

Liz Tomey is a LEGEND in internet marketing. We realized we
had the rights to publish this $97 seminar for our internet family.

We have published it for just a fraction of the original price.

Below you will find the first of the workshop videos, I wanted you to see

the quality of content you will receive  .This course is not just fluff

so there is a lot to go through.


Give and Get Workshop Video 1The Give and Get Cash Workshop Intro Video
Click Here To View Video 1



And To Register!

0 thoughts on “New Course: The Give and Get Cash Workshop on”

  1. It was a highly publicized accusation. Bishop Long denies the
    accusation…. This reminds me of the case with Michael Jackson where
    everyone jumped on the band wagon because the accuser stated that
    Michael Jackson molested him. They settled the case for 11 Million
    dollars…. Now MJ dies and the accuser now filled with guilt states
    that He LIED & his father put him up to it…. anybody can lie and
    receive money. I am disappointed in seeing church leaders attacking
    Bishop Long in the media. You are trying to destroy Bishop Long &
    his family. I hope no one ever lies on you. And whatever happen to
    touch not my anointed do my Prophets no harm. I do not understand the
    actions of the people of Jesus Christ. The Media seems to have your
    mind and your actions.
    I applaud Dr. Dollar…. For one thing, Bishop Denies any wrong
    doing…. Accusations were just that accusations… He was never tried
    for anything… It was a civil case… All about the MONEY.

    I have posted the articles of Michael Jackson’s accuser where they
    admitted they lied after he DIED…. Wow guilt has a way of telling the
    truth when a person dies…. They are enjoying their 11 Million

  2. Personally, when I used to live in California, I have
    heard Creflo Dollar preach at a convention many years ago and there is no doubt,
    that this man is an anointed man of God and called into ministry for God’s
    purposes. At the same time, I also heard Bishop Eddie Long on a video when he
    must of first started recording his teachings and it was an excellent teaching
    on spiritual warfare in a realm of the spirit many would not know how to teach,
    but he did so very well. I would not want to come against two anointed men of
    God who have been called at times to teach a depth of the spiritual world that
    many would tip toe around. They are bold men of God that I consider ministers on
    the front line fighting the good fight of faith while teaching truth of the Word
    of God. If they are in error in any way, I believe they are both spiritual
    enough that the Holy Spirit will help them by Holy Ghost conviction and
    repentance and the Holy Ghost will keep them on the straight and narrow path. It
    takes courage to speak and teach and preach the truth of the Bible in love and I
    believe they both worship and serve Him in spirit and in truth. The Bible tells
    us that we will bear witness to the spirit of God. The Bible also tells us that
    the devil comes to rob and destroy and kill the children of God. Let us not
    destroy one another as the devil is plenty good at that, but let us lift up the
    hands of the weary and let us encourage one another to run the race to the end
    and if we fall along the way, let us pick each other up or give a hand and pull
    each other up to that place of worshiping God, repenting and continue to run the
    race to the end overcoming by the blood of the Lamb and the Word of our
    testimony. The little information that has become public is far from enough to
    make an accurate judgement and when the Bible says, “touch not my anointed”, I
    think I would rather obey the Bible and lift up the men of God in prayer and
    fasting as they bring forth the truth. I thank God for His love and His mercy
    and His grace towards me as I run this race to the end that I may be in eternity
    with Him. I pray that I and my brothers and sisters can also help others run the
    race to the end so they can be in eternity too…. Praising Him forever

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