My Promises To You

My Promise To You

My call and mission is helping Churches, Pastors, Ministers, Church leaders,
and entrepreneurs how to excel at internet ministry and internet business.

Although I market products for both myself and others, my primary function
is as a mentor and coach. I teach people how to get it done.

    How To Reach People With A Message
    How To Identify A Mission or Market
    How To Grow Their Church or Ministry
    How To Build A Brand or A Business
    How To Add Income And Change Lives

Reaching ANY or ALL of these objectives requires using innovative strategies
and effective tools. In most cases you can assume I or my team will receive
a commission when you purchase a product we review or recommend.

Nonetheless, we work with integrity toward those, like you, who have placed
their confidence in us. I am first and foremost a Christian minister of the Gospel.
I intend to do you good!

For that reason, I have written a list of 7 promises that I intend to keep
on your behalf. Online, trust is all we have to rely on.

My Promise To You
    1. I Will Not Send You To Products I Do NOT Personally Use.
    2. I Will Not Take Your Money Just To Profit Myself
    3. I Will ALWAYS Give You More Value For My Products Than What I Charge
    4. I Will Screen You Away From Those 'Gurus' Who Are Ravenous Wolves
    5. I Will Treat You and Your Family With Godly Love And Respect
    6. I Will Give You Information That Has Worked For Me or that I Believe Will Work You
    7. I Will Pray For Wisdom To Guide And Give You Effective Counsel

What I Cannot Promise
    I Cannot Promise Anyone Will Respond To Your Efforts
    I Cannot Promise You Will Be A Millionaire
    I Cannot Promise You Will Make Any Money At All
    I Cannot Promise You Will Like My Methods
    I Cannot Promise You Will Like How I Talk To You
    I Cannot Promise You Will Like Me
    I Cannot Promise You Will Eventually Be Happy

In Him,
JMb <><

Bishop James 'I Feel God' Brown
The Internet's Favorite Pastor
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