Christian Living: Valentines Bible Study – Where Is The Love

Listen to Valentines "Where Is The Love"
Wednesday Night Bible Study 

Bishop James I Feel God Brown and Bishop A James Collins - Where Is The Love Bible Study -

with Bishops James I Feel God Brown & Bishop A James Collins


An exciting time with both of us in the Word, sharing our insights on Love, Marriage, Dating, Abuse and so much more.

Please leave a comment and tell us what you think. What would you like to see us discuss in the future?

How to Write Good Sermons
How to Write Good Sermons

Thank you for posting, Bishop Brown. I am also interested in hearing about what the Scripture says about some of the issues that Laurie mentioned. 

Laurie Brantley
Laurie Brantley

And what I'd like to see in the future?  I have a lot of women friends on Facebook having marriage problems. Talk to us about what the Scripture says when we are married to a spouse who is neglectful physically or materially to his wife, or if there is verbal abuse in the home, when the head of the home mismanages money - issues that aren't necessarily addressed in church as Biblical reasons to separate, but can kill a marriage relationship. There are many women out here that need to hear these issues addressed from the Scriptures and could also use some encouragement. Thanks for asking.

Laurie Brantley
Laurie Brantley

So blessed by this video, Bishop Brown. I hope to see many more like these. I have shared on Twitter and Facebook. Thank you for what you do.

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